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Senior Staff

Dr Paul Bagot

Dr Sergei Dudarev

Prof. Colin English

Prof. Patrick Grant

Prof. Chris Grovenor

Dr Sergio Lozano-Perez

Prof. James Marrow

Dr Duc Nguyen-Manh

Prof. Steve Roberts

Prof. George Smith

Prof. John Titchmarsh

Dr Angus Wilkinson

Research Staff

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dave Armstrong

Mimicking Neutron Damage in Tungsten using self ion implanation

Micro Fracture of W-Re

Ben Britton

Examining deformation using electron backscatter diffraction

Variable temperature nanoindentation

Phil Edmondson 

Martha Briceno de Gutierrez

TEM study of Irradiated ODS alloys 

Jicheng Gong

Micromechanical testing of Zirconium - elastic and plastic anisotropy

Mahmoud Mostafavi

Three-dimensional damage nucleation in energy.materials

Deformation and Fracture of Concrete Microstructures

Ed Tarleton

Micromechanical Modelling

Hongtao Zhang

Powder processing of ODS alloys for nuclear applications

DPhil Students

Christian Beck

Effect of radiation on the mechanical properties of tungsten and its alloys

Chris Burrows

The Effects of Neutron Radiation On Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels

James Gibson

Tungsten Alloys for Fusion Power

Mike Gorley

Powder processing of ODS alloys for nuclear applications

Eleanor Grieveson

Radiation damage in ODS alloys: mechanical properties (grain boundaries)

Chris Hardie

Micro-mechanical testing of alloys for fusion power applications

James Herring

Small scale mechanics applied to nuclear materials

Chris Jones

Joven Lim

Radiation Damage Mechanisms in Materials

Andy London

Alisa Statulat

Micromechanical testing of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour at Individual Grain Boundaries in Stainless Steel

Daniel Thompson

Modelling small-scale mechanical behaviour of structural nuclear materials  

Alan Xu

Radiation damage of tungten alloys for fusion reactors

Shuo Xu

Radiation Damage in Iron-based alloys

Sean Yardley

Mechanisms of Hydrogen pickup in Zirconium Alloys

Xiaoou Yi

TEM study of radiation damage in W/W based alloys 

Part II (Undergraduate Students)

Chris Hutton

Understanding crack growth in nuclear reactors

Katie Plummer

Measuring Elastic Properties by Micro-Oscillation

Support Staff

Karen Disney


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